Kerstin Brookins-Winter Dream

Interpret  “The dream was gone.  Something had been taken from him.”

I think  that in this sentence his winter dream was gone, He winter dream with Judy but he never got her. it was never completed or ever happened.

What is the significance of the title? Why do you think Fitzgerald used “winter” and not “spring” or “fall” in the title? In what ways do the seasons affect Dexter’s outlook on life?
The significance of the title “Winter Dreams”, is the meaning it plays in Dexter Green’s life. During the story Green meets the woman of his “dreams”, and he meets her in the “wintertime.” I think Fitzgerald chose winter and not any other seasons, because winter is used to represent aging or death, and Green had always looked down upon winter.

Describe Judy Jones at the age of eleven. How do you feel about her treatment of the nurse?
She seemed to be a quite girl when Dexter met her, at a young age. She didn’t treat the nurse poorly when they arrived at the golf course, they were both curious on what to do next and that is when Dexter helped them.

Why do you think Dexter quit?

Judy Jones seemed like a spoiled little, rich girl, who always got her way, when she was introduced to the story at 11 years old. She treated the nurse very rudely, as if she were beneath her.

How had Dexter’s perception of Judy changed in part II?
He thought of her as a young woman now and her beauty was fully developed and she expressed it with pride. Also he was ready to talk to her because she is of age, when he was 14 she was only 11 years old. He thought of her to be an adventurous woman when they were on the boat together.

8 Compare the description of Judy’s mouth at the age of eleven with the description in Part II. What do you think the significance of her mouth is?

When she was eleven there was a strange way that her lips twisted, down at the corners when she smiled. when she smirked it was described as a twist of her mouth, and it was merely beautiful. This is significant, because I think the difference in her mouth represents maturity. In fact, Fitzgerald states, “Her mouth gave a continual impression of flux, of intense life, of passionate vitality.”

Describe the adult Judy Jones. What kind of person is she? Do you know anyone like her?
The adult Judy is very rebellious and I feel she is inconsiderate to the emotions of all the men she associates herself with especially with Dexter. When he heard that tune again later on in life, he was in a much happier state, and began to think that everything in his life was finally going as planned, and it was something he may never know again.

How did Dexter justify Judy’s lying to him? How?

When Autumn had come and gone again, Dexter realized that he could not have Judy Jones, so he was practically depressed and defeated. This is totally oppistie of the beginning of the story, when the fall filled him with “hope”, and a sort of “ecstatic triumph.

”Discuss the significance of the description of the Jones’s house at the end of part IV.

Her house was a representation of Judy Jones and how he was feeling at the time, the house was a slightly horrifying image in the dark with just the moonlight shining on the house, next to it was Judy, she was upset, and she sat with Dexter and let out a few tears that rested on her top lip.

“The dream was gone. Something had been taken away from him.”

I am assuming that this means his ‘Winter Dreams’ were no longer in existence. He had let the worldly ways corrupt his mind, and was no longer the hopeful and “full of aspiration” person that he used to be.


William Root Assessment

William Root Assessment– Describe at least FIVE things you learned about early 19th century life as a result of Friday’s field trip.

  • The main room in early 19th century houses was downstairs and was tall. This was to let the vistors know they are not poor


  • Mr. Root was one of Marietta’s earliest merchants and its first druggist.


  • They Had usually 11 to 14 people living in ONE HOUSE!!!


  • The house was a single-family residence until the 1940s when it was subdivided into apartments.


  • The original house lot was divided in half and a library was built facing Church Street.

poe quiz

1.The father, named David Poe Jr., and his mother, named Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, were touring actors. Both parents died in 1811, and Poe became an orphan before he was 3 years old. He was adopted by John Allan, a tobacco merchant in Richmond, Virginia, and was sent to a boarding school in London, England.

2.)when he was 3 years of age and cause of tuberculosis

3.)By the time he was three, Edgar, his older brother, and his younger sister were orphans

4.)The Allans were wealthy, and though they never adopted Poe, they treated him like a son, made sure he was educated in private academies, and took him to England for a five-year stay.

5.)First Poem
•A fifteen-year-old Edgar Allan Poe pens his first poem
•Marriage Poe now 27 years old marries his thirteen-year-old cousin.
•The Allan family sails to London, where Edgar enrolls in school.

6.)The Allan family sails to London, where Edgar enrolls in school.he loved it there and learned new things

7.)Poe enlists in the U.S. Army under the name “Edgar A. Perry.” Then he shortly after, his first book and the author is listed only “A Bostonian.”. He did well in the military.

8.)His thirteen year old cousin and he had to move to Philadelphia for marriage reasons

9.)He career went well when he Poe was hired as an editor at Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine

10.)the first-ever entry in a genre now known as the detective story. The story was called The Murders in the Rue Morgue .

11.)While singing at the piano, Virginia begins to bleed from her mouth, a symptom of untreated tuberculosis. Her illness grows progressively worse.

12.)Poe begins delivering lectures on poetry. He is a popular lecturer, frequently speaking to packed audiences.

13.)Annabelle Lee

14.)The loss of his wife sends Poe into a downward spiral of alcoholism.

15.)After being found unconscious in a Baltimore gutter, Edgar Allan Poe is taken to the hospital and pronounced dead of causes still unknown. He is buried at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore.

Why are the Rhetorical devices so important? How are they used throughout the essay? Well while I was reading I realized that all the claims disobedience is a valuable human trait and that it promotes social progress.  The tones of this letter suggests that Adams wants to be happy for her son to the little voyage and follow in her husband’s foot steps.

By way of illustration, in the opening of the letter Mrs. Adams explains to her son, “I hope you have had no occasion, either from enemies or the dangers of the sea, to repent your second voyage to France.He uses strong diction in which she attempts to nurture his pride and analyze his decision making skills. “If I had thought your reluctance arose from proper deliberation, or that you were capable of judging what most for your own benefit was, I should not have urged you…you appeared so averse to the voyage.”Lines 3-8. His mother has pushed him determined to believe that this is what is best for him.

Finally, one of the most important emotions displayed throughout the letter revealed what kind of person Mrs. Adams was and how much she believed in her sons country. Her hope also displayed that even though she felt like this situation was blinding her, she still was able to see the positive possibilities. Adams did a great job using the devices uses a lot of rhetorical strategies that really maked it interesting to keep reading. Furthermore, Adams tries so hard to express that her son just has a unique way of thinking of things. So Abigail in the novel uses words that was more outgoing in the text and with a brawny undercurrent and overtone to often manifest the reinforce of passion. I also noticed that in lines (Lines 61-63) abigail ended the story with her saying “ do honor to your country, and render your parents supremely happy, particularly your ever affectionate mother”Abigail had written a letter with an long-lasting of passion the son on a expedition with the family. Basically, She had advised him that is power was very very special so use it carefully. She wanted to educate him very much so when he was an adult he would know how to do what and it could help him in the long run.

Argument Essay Prompt


In 1891, Irish author Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) observed, “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue.  It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”

Wilde claims disobedience is a valuable human trait and that it promotes social progress.  Write an essay that argues your position on the extent to which Wilde’s claims are valid.  Use appropriate examples from your reading, experience, or observations to support your argument.


Major disobediences have happened in the past many times, but the most socially valuable examples would be the Revolutionary War and the Protestant Reformation. These two major events changed the social chemistry of the world, and those effects can still be felt today. At the time, the King was charging absurdly high taxes on commonly used items that used to be very cheap. He also forced people to house and feed British soldiers, criminalized manufacturing, and many other actions that could very well be considered war crimes today. After a while, the founding fathers and many people of the colonies had had enough. However, the founding fathers had the courage to disobey the British Crown, which was the largest empire in the world at the time, and write a list. This list was a list of grievances, complete with a message about seceding from the British Empire and forming a new country: The United States of America. Today, we know that list as the Declaration of Independence.

They lined up to buy these passes, unaware that they were being carefully conned out of their hard earned savings. Now, while man may have many virtues, some feel that disobedience isn’t the original virtue. Temperance is a disobedience of your own desires. Courage is a disobedience of logic.The point must still be made that disobedience is the starting point of all other virtues. The definition of a virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed morally good. While disobedience might seem like a horrible, noncompliant action at first, it is actually the foundation of our moral fiber not just as a society, but as individuals. Disobedience individualizes us and can change our lives, and the lives of others, just like in these examples. Keep in mind that these aren’t the only examples. There are other major events, such as the Renaissance that were instrumental in building our world today. However, the fact still remains: disobedience is the original virtue. In the words of Oscar Wilde: “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”

Narrative Response

The character I choose was John Proctor because a tormented individual and this is very interesting to me. In the beginning of the act,  John willingly signs his name on the paper and gives it calmly to Danforth. This gives Proctor a since of relief because he knows for sure that he is going to be able to live, even though his reputation will be altered a little, but he is okay with that. Elizabeth is shockingly quite for all of the fuss that had been going on about having Proctor sign his name. Danforth turns to Goody Putnam and Goody Nurse, “You’ll see girls, Proctor has signed his name willingly too. I prefer if you would like to keep your life, to follow his examples.
Goody Putnam looks baffled.

Goody Nurse remains quiet all through Goody Putnam’s little small speech. “John, we all know you are innocent don’t have the look of . Instead, look to the Lord, and naught the others around you. Keep your spirits up John”.
After they had gone around the bend and are not able to be seen anymore, John turns to Elizabeth who has a tear rolling down her cheek unhappy. “Oh wife, I am a happy man to be beside you. I will go get them now for them to be in my care, we all will be in wait of your return. Do not cry, it gives them pleasure to see the tears of others”. Everyone looks after him as he runs in the direction of his house.


Danforth turns to Elizabeth to tell her her fate. “You bearing a child, will have your sentence delayed for a year. In the mean time you will rotate your stay in the jail and at home to get the correct nourishment needed for the baby. Three days a week in the jail, three at home. I also hope your baby is prosperous in its growth”. He turns to leave along with Judge Hawthorn, Ezekiel Cheever, and Reverend Parris.
Changes to show John and Rebecca’s son Samuel who is taking care of Proctor’s kids. John turns to his kids and holds both of their hands. “Mommy, is doing fine. You will see her real soon, very soon in fact. Now, we are going to go home. Are ya’ll hungry?” No, we just ate”, said one of his sons. They walk out the door, while John and his sons are hand in hand.

Then, the scenes changes to in front of the church on Sunday. John sees this along with Elizabeth that appears to have just ignored the sign, she is walking into the church. “Elizabeth!”, says Proctor. She turns and smiles when she sees him and her children. She runs up to them and they all embrace in a huge hug. This is all before they go into the church to hear the Sunday sermon.

Furthermore, The preacher, Reverend Parris, has a sermon about staying true to the Lord. Elizabeth and John Proctor give a knowing look to each other knowing that the sermon was supposed to be directed to them.  “It made many wonder how many innocent people died for something so pointless; over land, money, hate, and mainly jealousy”. Even though the sermon was directed toward the Proctors, many took it to heart, as most people should, like if it was also directed to them. In many ways. Reverend Parris helped the whole incident about witches and evil in the land die down, which helped the world move on greatly.

Kerstin Brookins-Summer Reading

Summary : ” Persons Unknown”
In this Section  perry and dick traveled to Mexico to leave their past behind. They had gotten themselves into a bit of trouble. Staying at a hotel and paying for prostitutes is something Dick did to ease his mind I guess. They would only pay them two dollars a day which was nothing , even with Mexico’s currency being “Peso’s” that still wouldn’t be enough for the both of them to survive. Before coming up with a plan to leave the author basically foreshadows his life in about 10 pages. Perry’s early life was talked about. He had a father that loved him so much and his mother took them away from their father to move to California where they were struggling. One day when all the children were at school his dad showed up outside of the fence trying to get there attention.

Perry went along with him and left all of his siblings behind and till he got older and even now , they still hold a grudge against Perry and his father. Perry was pretty much a good kid and he was very self-sufficient as his dad was too. In his adult life as he went out on his own he got himself into some trouble because he has stolen some things and was caught later on after running away for so long.  The author continues the story talking about their plan to get out of Mexico. There plan was to stand on the road until a guy with a nice car and someone who looked like they had money would come about and they would basically rob him and get on but that plan didn’t work out. When a person came he looked them up and down and seen what kind of people they were and just sped off without even speaking. Perry and Dick had no choice but to continue on down the road in search for something else.

Quotes :

” Deep down” Perry continued,“Way,way rock-bottom. I never thought I could do a thing like that”

When Perry said this it opened new doors. The way the story was flowing was making more sense. Them making an escape plan to Mexico made it way more obvious what they were doing ; walking away from the crime scene. It seems that now that he has done what he did to the Clutter family he can’t deal with it. Furthermore, This quote stood out to me because Perry immediately start feeling horrible and when he tries to express that to Dick and goes to say that he’s normal and that things happen and people just have to get over it. Perry wasn’t the same as him though he had actually felt something , he knew what he did was wrong. Towards the end of the chapter it seems that he wanted to make a better life for himself, start fresh.

“It is no shame to have a dirty face , the shame comes when you keep it dirty”

In the letter Barbra (Perry’s sister) writes him many letters while he is in jail. She explains a lot of what’s going on in her life and then she starts to get into how she was really feeling. What you do to change that is what really matters and she was right. She is his sister and of course she knows what kind of person he is. Very smart and self-sufficient) she knew that the trouble that he had gotten himself into was temporary and that he was better than what he was showing the world. This quote  really was important. It really stood out in the letter and it gave him something to think about but obvious he took it lightly. It foreshadows a time in Perry’s life when he was trying to figure out who he was as a person. It reveals that he did change when he got out of prison but he has been dealing with the wrong person , who he met in prison ; Dick isn’t trying. He’s running away from his problems.

    Summary : ” The Last to see them Alive”.
In the beginning, the Clutter family is introduced throughout the first part of the story and that’s when everything starts to unravel. The family consisted of Mr & Mrs.Clutter , their children. The two older sisters that are now adults and their children Nancy and Kenyon. Nancy was basically the neighborhoods sweetheart and Kenyon was more interested in carpentry and machines. A spin of events caused a lot of questioning to the people who were closest to the family. This came from a disturbing events that happened Saturday night, right before the families expected arrival to church the next morning. The Kidwells were surprised that they weren’t there and none of them were answering phone calls so they stopped by their house. Some doors were left open and they were tempted to see what was going on so they crept in the house uncomfortably.

The two girls that were Nancy’s friends went upstairs to her room to find her dead, shot to the head with hands and feet tied together. They were so scared they ran out the house to the dad telling him the bad news and that’s when they called the police for a further investigation. No one could make how who had done this because everyone in the neighborhood were friends , which made finding out the outcome even scarier. Investigators started to question bobby but they didn’t get far with that ; He’d refuse to communicate even with his family because he was so hurt. Dick and Perry were sleep in a hotel room and decided to have Sunday dinner with his family once he went home. The 3 Men ; Dad , Dick and his younger brother went to the parlor to watch a basketball game and that’s when his dad was surprised to see him asleep. What his father didn’t know is that he had just came from a long 800 mile trip in the last 24 hours.

Quotes :
   “And he walks with me , and talks with me , and he tells me I am his own; And the Joy we share as we tarry there , none other has ever known”

The importance of this quote shows the strong relationship between two people, something like no one had seen before.This Quote adds a sense of care for others in this story of tragic events. This piece particularly stood out because it was before the next paragraph passage and the one before it talks about Mr.Clutters check getting ready to be deposited that paid double indemnity for an accidental death. Which seems Ironic because reading further into it , Mr.Clutters death is unexplained but was no accident. The quote stood out because it was aside from the original text. It was before all the action had initially started and it gave me a sense of what may happen which I had already assumed would be death and his personal attachment to a person shortly before his murder. The quote reveals the relationship someone had with Mr.Clutter before his murder.

Take ye heed , watch and pray for ye know when the time is”

This quote from Mr.Clutters bible is important because it lets readers know that you should care for and love your family members before its to late because you never know when it’ll be your time to go. Mrs. Kidwell had come up to her room and she was weeping that she was so cold but in reality it had been really hot in that house. This quote from her bible was a sense of stability for Bonnie. The text before the quote confuses me because it had said ” Now on this final day of her life , Mrs.Clutter hung in the closet the calico house dress she had been wearing and put on one of her trailing nightgowns and a fresh set of white socks before retiring”. I thought that she was dying on the day she invited the kidwell family and others over but she didn’t. I feel this foreshadows the struggles that Bonnie went through before her life was taken.

Summary : ” The Corner ”

Perry and Smith are finally caught just when they decided to make a stop. Four of Kansas officers/Investigators immediately came to where the two killers were being held hostage. Perry befriends the couple, who treat him well, and he acquires the trust and affection of a wild squirrel that lives just outside the window. The two are waiting on the day when they will be hung in front of witnesses. The town had been waiting for their deaths because of what they had done to that innocent family. Turns out Perry the one who is soft-spoken and shy is the person that did the killing , Dick was the person that initiated this. The act was out of panic and a matter of them not wanting to be caught.

It had been at least 3 years of Dick and Perry waiting down in the hole, being feed and the door shut right back on their faces. They couldn’t come out at all except on Saturdays to take a shower and change clothes. Dick made a new friend named Andy , he was a cold killer. He killed his whole family and even after taking a test it proved that he really had no emotion towards it along with no regret. With Andy’s dating arriving Dick had missed him already. Soon came Perry’s death. Very quit and that sense of relief that Dewey was looking for didn’t come. Across the field he say Nancy’s old friend , Nancy Kidwell. She was visiting the Clutters as well. They both caught and he found that Bobby Rupp, Nancy’s old boyfriend is now married and moved away with his wife Colleen Whiteburst. Susan soon had to leave and Dewey the determined officer was left on the cemetery field to feed on old memories of the Clutter family.

Quotes :

” Either walk out or be carried out in a coffin myself , I don’t if I walk out or get carried , It’s all the same in the end.”

Perry wasn’t eating so he had to be taken to the prisons hospital because he was so unstable. Perry’s justification was that he didn’t want to be hung he’d rather commit suicide. Andy made fun of him saying he just didn’t want to suffer in the hole like everybody else he wanted special attention so that maybe they would reconsider his consequences but they didn’t as soon as he was back healthy he was sent right back. The way Andy said that it goes to show what kind of person he was and it foreshadows his past life and they way he has no emotion towards human life. This stood out to me because I think within these last 10 pages of this book that outcome will be different from what I expected. Maybe like a crazy get away or something. This quote reveals how Andy feels about life.

” I loved my father but there were times when his love and affection, I had for him drained from my heart like wasted water.”


Perry felt this way about his father because he cared for him in the beginning , as a child but now that he goes through hard times things are different. Earlier in the book when he was practically thrown out of his house he was already getting in trouble and had gotten himself into a lot more after being on his own. His outbreak on this family was out of panic and basically did what he did without even thinking about it. His father showed up but it almost felt like he wasn’t there. He was so cold , Perry felt alone.


Summary : “Answer ”

Major detectives looked into the situation and they were getting frustrated that they couldn’t find the killers and more time was going by with nothing being done, their plan of not being caught was really working for them. From Mexico to Nebraska , and even Alaska they managed to stay outta sight for at least 7 weeks after the crime. Money was getting funny and they needed a plan to get some money. Along their journey they met some hitch hikers but it was a granddad and a 12-year-old that was stuck in the snow. They had a little fun with him and listening to what interest him. The 12 year old also told them about collecting cans and getting money for them and that’s what they did. Getting money shortly after. One was riding around in a stole car that they police had been looking for and also leaving a witness from prison alive , Floyd.

Floyd was the person Dick told his plans to but at the time he thought he was just talking but he really acted on his plans to kill the Clutter family because their father was wealthy. That’s when Interrogators from Kansas were called in and they were corned. The two buddies didn’t know what to do but protect themselves when the police investigators asked the questions. Dick was telling his side of the story so smoothly but Nye was quick to point out all of the lies towards the end. The two wanted to have at least a 5 minute conversation so bad but at this point they both knew everything was going downhill. Dick even went as far as saying Perry killed all four and that he was a natural-born killer , even brought up the story about killing the nigger with a bicycle chain. It was clear that Dick didn’t really care what happened to his companion.

Both had their second investigation but at that point it was clear and the two were caught.On the way there Perry told the truth about everything not leaving out a single detail, not even leaving out the parts that he had done. The police were more satisfied with his story but really didn’t have sympathy. They are all now back in Kansas where everyone is so surprised to see them. Everyone came out in front of the court , so many different reporters they were like stars.

Quotes :

“Running a race without a finish line” Pg.202
Perry and Dick would jump on any opportunity in any state. They needed an ultimate get away place and money to keep them stable wherever they are , but they literally did the opposite. Perry and Dick got themselves into more trouble. They even went as far as going back to the place that they got into all this trouble at to meet up with either family member or old friends that wouldn’t rad them out in search for money or some kind of connect. They found that but they had to keep it pushing.  This was a constant travel of instability and Perry realized that. He was most likely going to get rid of the bad seed , Dick but he already had plans to do that. The author most likely put this towards the end of the chapter to show the audience how they both go their own separate ways and what happens to them both in Chapter four.

“I didn’t want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman.
Soft-spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.” – Perry 244

It was Ironic that Perry felt the way he did about Mr.Clutter him being a nice man and all but he still decided to do what he did , slice his throat because what Dick had told him before , no witnesses should be left behind. When Perry decided to do what he did it was not out of Hatred for the family but something he had to follow through with because of the situation , the need to find a safe that wasn’t in the house.This stood out to me , it shows Perry’s character a little bit as well as his honesty when retelling the story to the officers.This foreshadows the night they put them back in a bad situation, dealing and doing things that will get you into trouble. This may reveal the end of the story , the final outcome.



Rhetorical Elements :

Element : Flashback
Perry was telling Dick a story about his past ; how he had “killed a nigger”. He gave plenty of details like it was the real thing. The mans name was King and they were both living in a boarding house together in Las Vegas. Perry lived in the cheapest rooms which were up in the attic and so did king. King Read a lot and kept to himself. Perry and King would sometimes have a beer together and even lent him ten dollars. He was no harm to Perry. They drove for hours up to this desert where they just relaxed to drink beers. King opens the car door to get out for some fresh air and that’s when he follows him. Perry was right behind him holding a bicycle chain that was under his leg for the whole drive.

He reached back and slapped him across the face with it , breaking his glasses and making him drop his beer. Perry left him there not knowing rather or not he was okay. He says he had no intentions to do that but just did. I feel like when he said ” Deep down , way rock-bottom. A thing like that” that was partially what he was referring to. The story seemed like more what Dick would do being the kind of person he is. It seems as if Dick puts him in situations that he doesn’t want to be in as the story goes along.

Element : Iron
The whole kansas felt very unsafe not knowing who the killers of the Clutter family was because they felt it could be anyone close to them in town or maybe those “nice people” that aren’t so nice. I feel this was added in the story to show how backward our people operate. Suffering for a crime is one thing but actually killing them because they killed someone else doesn’t make the situation better. It’s really inhumane. Dick and Perry should have just been in prison for the rest of their lives. The way the author slides in the conformation between the different lawyers and defendants foreshadows something that he has already witnessed. The effect of this was to most likely open the eyes of the audience.

Element : Tone/Voice

Persons Unknown ; Page 138
Perry’s sister Barbra sends Perry a letter while he is in prison to update him on what’s going on in her life. She starts getting kind of aggressive as she explains how she feels about Perry’s attitude towards his family. More Specifically their father. “Dad is not responsible for your wrong doings or your good deeds rather right or wrong , it’s your own doing”. They way she said that followed up with some other words it was obvious that the letter was more than just updating him on life. Barbra was jealous that their father took Perry and not them , leaving them stuck with their mother in California. After all these years Barbra wants to understand why he feels the way he does.

Barbra had lots of respect for dad and was proud of him for taking the initiative to make sure he at least see his children after what happened. Towards the end of the letter she says she sorry for giving it to him so strong but it was what Perry needed , a reality check. His anger towards his father was unnecessary. The location of this letter in this chapter was perfect. It foreshadowed his early life sort of explaining where he is now and who he was before meeting his companion that gets him into trouble now.